Published: 26 June 2024

Graduation Show 10 – exhibition

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Graduation 10

We are pleased to invite you to a very special event in the world of design! On July 6, 2024, at the Polish Center for the Development of Creative Industries in Warsaw, we will host the opening of the 10th edition of the Graduation Show – an exhibition of diploma projects by students of the School of Form at SWPS University.

Promotional graphic for the Graduation exhibition. The background features legs in red stockings and high, red platform shoes. Overlaid on the image is the text
Photo: School of Form

Graduation projects

Crowning four years of study

Over the course of four years, design students hone their skills under the guidance of experienced faculty members who provide expert advice and support. With access to state-of-the-art studios and workshops, students work on both curricular and extra-curricular projects, experimenting with various materials, techniques, and forms. This hands-on approach helps them gain valuable theoretical and practical knowledge, preparing them for a dynamic and ever-changing industry. They discover their strengths and unlock their potential for effective collaboration.

For many up-and-coming designers, the Graduation Show is not only the end of an intensive period of study, but also their first chance to present their work to a wider audience. It is the culmination of the entire academic year. Throughout these four years, students and faculty have learned from each other, sharing knowledge and experience. This blend of tradition and innovation fosters new values and more effective solutions.

What's coming?

Shaping the future of design

While we focus on materials, it is the messages behind the exhibited objects and images that truly matter. The "Graduation Show" offers a unique glimpse into the minds of young creators who will soon be shaping our reality.

Behind each project are hours of research, studies, interviews, books read, and experiments conducted. Each one shows sensitivity and courage, delicacy and strength, joy and concern. In these challenging times, we need smart solutions more than ever. I believe we can entrust the future to these young designers. They will enter the job market with fresh, innovative ideas that have the potential to make the world a better place.

Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka

Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka

The graduates of the School of Form, whose works will be featured in this exhibition, are acutely aware of the issues facing our modern world and deeply concerned about the future of our planet. Their youth brings a fresh perspective, making their expressions sensitive and critical, sometimes satirical, joyful, and naive. This is a unique time in their lives where shyness and uncertainty mix with a belief in their limitless potential and invincibility.

If you want to see what creative young minds can accomplish, supported by the expertise of their instructors and advanced equipment like the KUKA robots, CNC milling machine, 3D printer, AI tools, and more, join us on July 6, 2024, at ul. Mińska 65 in Warsaw. Graduation Show 10 will feature around 60 works, offering a glimpse into the minds of the young, creative generation poised to shape our reality. The exhibition will be open from July 7 to 14, 2024.


  • Polish Center for the Development of Creative Industries in Warsaw
  • Ministry of Culture and National Heritage