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It's simpler than you think. Our system will guide you through the entire enrollment process. Please take a moment to fill out the application form and proceed to create your user account.

Project: Collector of Fun | Designer: Maciej Karpe | Graduation Show 9 | Photo: Nikodem Szymański

Stage one



Step 1

Activate your account

To apply for admission, please use our online application form
The activation link will be sent to the email address you provided in the form.

Step 2

Fill out the form

Log in to your account, complete the information in the application form, and upload a scan of your high school diploma along with a photo for your ID, following the provided guidelines.

Please note!

Documents should be in JPG/PDF format, and all scans/photos must be clear.

Step 3

Payment of the application fee

Pay the application fee of 150 PLN through the PayU platform while filling out the application form. Your application cannot be verified until the payment is confirmed.

Step 4

Prepare your portfolio

Attach your portfolio as a PDF file in the application form.Your portfolio should include a self-portrait, a creative CV, sources of inspiration, as well as your past experiences, interests, and artwork. The content depends on you, with the aim to showcase your work and convince us of your potential as a designer.

The maximum score for the portfolio is 40 points. To advance to the second stage of the enrollment process, you need to score at least 25 points. The assessment result will be communicated according to the recruitment schedule, no later than two days before the planned exam date.

What is the portfolio all about?

While the word 'portfolio' sounds very serious and conjures up images of a thick folder filled with professional artwork – that is not what we mean

Learn how to prepare your portfolio here

Stage two



Step 5

Taking the Exam

If you obtain the required number of points for your portfolio, you will proceed to the second stage of the admission process and take the qualifying exam. The exam takes the form of an interview with the committee based on your portfolio and is conducted via Google Meet. You will receive the date and online meeting link at least two days in advance. The exam results will be communicated within 5 working days.

Please note that admissions are accepted until the available slots are filled. Passing the admission exam does not automatically guarantee acceptance into the program. Therefore, we recommend completing all necessary formalities upon receiving the exam results.

What does the exam look like?

The design program exam is conducted through an interview with the committee, based on the portfolio you submitted earlier. Exams are conducted remotely via Google Meet.

Learn more about the exam here

Step 6

Medical tests

Applicants are obligated to undergo the necessary medical tests in a healthcare facility in the territory of the Republic of Poland based on an appropriate referral and submit the original documents. Please remember to schedule the appointment in advance. Candidates admitted to studies may not participate in workshops without a valid medical certificate.

Step 7

Signing the Contract

In the enrollment system, a tuition agreement will appear in your account. If you are an adult candidate, you may sign it electronically on the application form. In the case of minor candidates, the signature of a legal guardian is required.

Step 8

Submitting Documents

Submit all the required documents to the Admissions Office in Warsaw or send them via email. Please, remember to include the required medical examination.
Required documents

Read the admission rules and regulations and check which documents you need to submit to the Admissions Office to become a student at the School of Form

Find all required documents here

Step 9

Notification of Admission

Once all formalities are completed, the outcome of your admission will be visible on your account. Welcome to our students!

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