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Already passed the exam? There are still a few formalities to complete. Read the admission rules and regulations and check which documents you need to submit to the Admissions Office to become a student at the School of Form.

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Required documents

You need to submit the following documents

Once you have successfully passed the exam and electronically accepted the tuition fee conditions, send the original documents to the university address with the note "Admissions Office for Higher Education Studies".

Alternatively, you can use the admission form to make an appointment to deliver the original documents to the admissions office in person.

  1. A medical certificate from an occupational medicine physician endorsing the absence of contraindications for studying in the field of design.
  2. High school diploma (original/copy, notarially authenticated).
  3. Personal questionnaire generated from the admission form.
  4. Tuition fee agreements, including the fee schedule (in duplicate, signed on each page by both the candidate and legal guardian) – applicable to minor candidates.

Additional documents

Are you an international candidate?

For international applicants, we also request:

  1. Translation of the high school diploma if it is in a language other than Polish, English, Russian, or Ukrainian.
  2. Insurance policy or a declaration of enrollment in the National Health Fund (available in the admission form).
  3. Certificate in Polish as a foreign language at the B2 level (if not previously attached to the admission form).

Please note!

Foreign students who have been conditionally accepted must submit the original documents at the beginning of the academic year!

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