SOF Philosophy

What makes us special?

School of Form – innovative approach to design

We take a holistic and responsible approach, recognizing the individual as an integral part of society and the natural environment.

Pickling laboratory for children | Designer: Filip Brzyski | Photo by Arkadiusz Szwed

Educational Concept

Design and humanities

To prepare young designers for the challenges of a rapidly evolving reality — spanning climate, technology, and society — we must equip them not only with design tools but also with humanistic skills that allow them to understand and engage with context, explore needs, and anticipate change.

Image and Word. Illustration in an art book | Graduation work: Dobrochna Witczak
Image and Word. Illustration in an art book | Graduation work: Dobrochna Witczak

Knowledge, research and projects

Design through action

In the field of design, theoretical knowledge alone is insufficient without practical experience. Therefore, every idea is thoroughly tested and prototyped before being realized. Proficiency in the use of both traditional craft tools and new technologies, coupled with a deep understanding of materials, emphasizes the importance of experimentation and learning through trial and error as foundational principles.

Photo by School of Form

Dialogue and Collaboration

Unity in diversity

Individual development is just as important as the ability to work in a team. Students learn to identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to grow as individuals and work effectively with others. The excellent infrastructure and collaborative environment facilitate a seamless and free exchange of information.

Business Partnerships

Cooperation with the environment

We have woven a network of collaboration with the social and economic fabric surrounding the university. Our students engage in real-world projects and research, visiting places and centers in need of design solutions. They are actively involved in bringing these solutions to life, gaining invaluable experience, while companies benefit from their fresh and innovative ideas. We place special emphasis on working with our immediate environment: the city, the neighborhood, and its institutions.

Workshops and Studios

Optimal conditions

The School of Form is located on the main campus of SWPS University in Warsaw. The coexistence of humanities, social sciences, and exact sciences on the same campus creates an interdisciplinary atmosphere for development, providing access to scientific and research facilities, and proximity to key companies offering internships and placements for our students.

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