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Our graduates excel in various ways – they contribute to industries, start their own design studios, or join already established companies. Some choose to share their knowledge as faculty members at the School of Form, while others continue their education at prestigious universities, both in Poland and abroad.
These talented and perceptive designers fearlessly navigate the realms of business, challenge, and collaborative teamwork.

Sknocone | Projektanci: Magdalena Mojsiejuk, Paweł Lasota | Fot. Michał Reiss

Success stories

Stories of our graduates

Our graduates are sensitive, capable and open-minded people. They graduate with a broad range of skills that enable them to grow and achieve their professional goals.

They put their knowledge into practice, creating innovative solutions and making significant contributions to the development of their field. They care about their work ethic and actively use their passion and creativity as a tool to change the world for the better.

Our graduates

Meet our graduates

Discover the stories of those who have already completed their studies at the School of Form. Learn about their careers and see what projects they have taken on since graduation. This is a place full of inspiring stories about realizing dreams, but also about the challenges that future designers face along the way.