What is the portfolio
all about?

While the word 'portfolio' sounds very serious and conjures up images of a thick folder filled with professional artwork – that is not what we mean!

Master Classes with Barbara Niewiadomska | Project: Zofia Kasperczyk | Photo: Nikodem Szymański

General Principles

Why do we need your portfolio?

Your portfolio is an opportunity to showcase yourself. We want to get to know you, see how you think, what inspires you, and what you do in your free time.

We deliberately choose not to show a sample portfolio here. We do not want to suggest any specific pattern or recipe for a perfect portfolio because such a thing does not exist! The content of your portfolio is entirely up to you. Below, we present only its structure to help you organize the material you have collected.

Portfolio Structure

How do I prepare a portfolio?

Use your portfolio to show us what you do, what interests you. Do you take photographs? Do you draw? Embroider? Are you interested in working with wood, ceramics, or painting? Do you make collages, jewellery? Do you have a blog, a website? Do you like to write?

It is up to you to decide how many and what works you will show us. However, please keep in mind that the portfolio should not exceed 20 pages and must be prepared in PDF format.

Your portfolio should include:

  • Self-portrait – present yourself. You can use your photo or several photos, a drawing, a collage, or a comic. Do not forget to include your name, surname and age. If you wish to tell us more, we encourage you to do so.
  • Cover letter – tell us about your passions and what motivates you to study.
  • A collection of your work – showcase your artistic and craft work, design experiences, experiments and key moments that ignited your passion for design.
  • Inspirations – share with us your sources of inspiration – whether it's designers, artists, art forms, places, nature, and more. You're the best judge of what fuels your creativity.

How to prepare a portfolio? Watch our webinar!


How many points can you score?

The exam committee takes into account the following criteria:


A collection of your work

10 points


10 points

Graphic form

10 points

Description quality

10 points

You can score a maximum of 40 points. If you obtain 25 points or more, you will proceed to take the exam.

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