Teaching Concept

How we teach?

School of Form – unique school of design

We educate the designers of tomorrow, creative thinkers, and innovative pragmatists. Our students graduate as creators and responsible designers, actively seeking proposals and solutions for a better world.

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Design and Humanities

The School of Form's unique educational program combines design elements with the humanities and social sciences. It has been developed by a team of experts under the leadership of Lidewij Edelkoort, the long-time director of the Design Academy Eindhoven, who served as our mentor in the early days of the School of Form.

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Approach to Students


The fundamental idea behind our teaching approach is based on partnership relationships built on mutual respect and trust. We help our students discover their creative potential. We give them the courage to dream fearlessly and the skills to turn even the most audacious ideas into reality, creating products that improve the quality of life.

Knowledge and Skills

Comprehensive Preparation

Students explore contemporary design contexts and research methods, enabling them to critically evaluate the surrounding reality. They learn to design objects and execute them using various technologies while gaining essential skills for effective collaboration with business partners.

Warsztaty mistrzowskie 2023 | Fot. Nikodem Szymański
Warsztaty mistrzowskie 2023 | Fot. Nikodem Szymański

Lectures and workshops

Project-Based Learning

All classes, even the theoretical ones, are open, interactive workshops. We discuss, test, and experiment with ideas. We teach the design process, tools, and critical thinking. Project classes are led by two instructors: a designer and a non-designer (researcher or humanist). Tool-oriented sessions are led by experienced practitioners, while those introducing the context of design are taught by distinguished representatives of the social and human sciences involved in the field of design.

Master workshops

Meeting with designers

The academic year is divided into 6-week quarters with special weeks free of regular classes. During these periods, students participate in interdisciplinary master workshops led by invited guests. This provides students with the opportunity to learn new tools and design strategies and, most importantly, to engage with eminent designers from Poland and abroad.

Faculty of Design

SWPS University Degree

School of Form is the design program of the Faculty of Design in Warsaw at SWPS University – the first private university in Poland. As a modern academic center, it offers interdisciplinary studies, including social and human sciences, exact sciences and arts. The University currently educates almost 17,000 students in 6 cities.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW) awarded the School of Form an A category in the field of fine arts and art conservation.

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