Our Facilities

Where we teach?

School of Form – workshops

Explore our state-of-the-art studios at the School of Form. Our students benefit from access to specialized workshops equipped with the latest technology. Under the guidance of skilled craftsmen, designers, and artists, students bring to life not only curriculum projects but also those that push the boundaries of conventional learning.

Our studios are open six days a week. To use them, all students must undergo occupational medicine examinations, health and safety training, and complete workplace assessments.

Królilokum | Design: Krzysztof Żurowski | Photo by Arkadiusz Szwed

Workshop sessions

How do we conduct classes?

All classes, even the theoretical ones, are open, interactive workshops. We discuss, test, and experiment with ideas. We teach the design process, tools, and critical thinking. Project classes are led by two instructors: a designer and a non-designer (researcher or humanist). Tool-oriented sessions are led by experienced practitioners, while those introducing the context of design are taught by distinguished representatives of the social and human sciences involved in the field of design.

Students experiment with a variety of materials, exploring their physical and aesthetic properties, as well as their impact on the environment. They create prototypes and models of their projects under the guidance of teachers and workshop supervisors.