Tuition fees
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See the tuition fees and find out how you can reduce the cost of studying at the School of Form.

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Tuition fees

What is the cost of one year of tuition?

Tuition fee for the academic year 2024/2025 is EUR 7, 250. You can pay the fee in full or in installments.

  • 1 installment: EUR 7, 250
  • 2 installments: EUR 3, 770/each
  • 3 installments: EUR 765/each
Scholarship Design for Change

Are you a creative person who would like to design products that improve quality of life and help to save the environment? Take part in our “Design for Change” competition and win a scholarship that covers the first year tuition fee.

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Check how to reduce your tuition

We offers many programs for candidates and scholarships for students, so you can reduce your tuition or study at SWPS University for free. Find out which program is right for you:

  • Academic Scholarships are for students who have achieved a high grade point average or other significant academic, artistic, or athletic achievement.
  • Athletic Scholarships are for students who represent the university in national and international sports competitions.
  • Social Scholarships are intended for students whose monthly net income per person in the family does not exceed PLN 1, 294.40. The amount of the scholarship depends on the student's family income - the lower the income, the higher the amount of the scholarship.
  • Special Scholarships for people with a declared degree of disability. The amount of the scholarship is determined annually and depends on the amount of the grant awarded to our university for this purpose.
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Scholarship for International Candidates

Do you excel in academic achievemetns? Are you engaged in community projects, artistic initiatives or sport competitions? Tell us about it and win one of ten scholarships covering the first year tuition fee for a full-time program in English.

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Financial Aid for Students

Benefit from preferential loans

As part of the government's financial aid program, students can get a loan to cover the cost of their education with preferential terms, such as low interest rates, deferred repayment for two years after graduation, and the possibility of canceling all or part of the loan.

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