Published: 24 November 2023

Graduation Show 9 – exhibition

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Graduation 9

The 9th edition of the Graduation Show, presenting the final works of the fourth year design students of the School of Form, will take place on 25-26 November 2023. The exhibition's opening reception will take place on 24 November at 18:00 in the Bliska 12 pavilion in Warsaw. For many debuting designers, this unique event will not only be the culmination of four years of study, but also the first opportunity to present their work to a wider audience.

Pawilon Bliska 12, ul. Bliska 12, Warsaw.
A graphic advertising the event. In the center is the inscription Graduation 9, surrounded by a mottled background.
Photo: School of Form

Graduation projects

A story of design and sensibility

The Graduation Show is not just a presentation of graduation projects; it's a narrative of the immense effort, dedication and passion that the students of the School of Form have invested in the creative process. This year's edition is special as it is the first event of its kind in Warsaw where visitors can see actual objects created by our talented graduates, rather than just photographs accompanied by descriptions. The exhibition is characterised by the diversity of media, materials, craft techniques and advanced tools used to create the works on display.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic during part of their studies, the graduates of the School of Form have delivered work of an exceptionally mature nature. Even in the early stages of their careers, they show great potential to shape the future reality, bringing fresh perspectives and approaches to design.

The subject of projects

Design as a manifesto

The works of the students from the School of Form are not just decorations providing an aesthetic experience; they address current social and environmental issues. Some serve as commentary, others propose solutions, and still others express opposition to the current state of affairs. The students' artistic explorations touch on issues related to the environment, the protection of ecosystems, and the responsible use of available resources.

Projects also delve into the realms of gender fluidity, seeking to break down entrenched stereotypes associated with both femininity and masculinity. Through their work, young designers search for universal sign systems and effective methods of communication. They do not hesitate to address challenging issues such as illnesses, disorders, or traumas associated with traumatic events such as the war in Ukraine and the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border. They also explore everyday phenomena present in most of our lives, such as boredom or laziness.

Rising designers

Meeting with talents

Graduation Show 9 is more than just an exhibition of graduation projects; it is an encounter with young talents who are already beginning to reshape the face of design in Poland. We invite all art enthusiasts to visit Pawilon Bliska 12 in Warsaw and take part in this extraordinary event.