People of Praga

  • Designer: Maria Dróżdż
  • Project advisors: Krzysztof Łukomski, Jan Zamojski
  • Materials: screen printing
Graduation 1/2 (7+8)
A man holds a poster that reads
Project: People of Praga | Designer: Maria Dróżdż

Graduation project

People of Praga

"People of Praga" ("Prażanie") is a series of five posters depicting the residents of Warsaw's Praga district. The project is a documentation of the dynamic social changes in the rapidly gentrifying district.

The idea for the project began to grow even before the artist began to think about her thesis. During her walks around Warsaw, especially in Praga, her newly settled neighborhood, she looked for local art that could reflect the character of the place. She wanted to explore the relationship between street art and the people who interact with it in different situations and forms on a daily basis.

She chose screen printing as her working technique, which allows the works to be reproduced multiple times while maintaining their unique character. Each poster depicts the inhabitants of Praga and the environment in which they live. The works are based on interviews with people who have a special connection to the neighborhood.

The main goal of the project is to tell a story that cannot be seen in any museum and to better understand the dynamic social mechanisms at work in this dynamically changing district of Warsaw. Street art acts as a connector, influencing the entire community and bringing together people who may seem to live in completely different realities.

A series of four posters depicting the residents of Warsaw's Praga district. Graduation project by Maria Dróżdż, a graduate of the School of Form.


Maria Dróżdż

Specialization: Communication Design
Graduation year: 2022

Graduation Show ½(7+8)

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