• Designer: Łucja Zięciak
  • Project advisors: Marta Rowińska, Mateusz Falkowski
  • Materials: digital film, 1920x1080
Graduation 1/2 (7+8)
Photo showing stills from a film about sixteen School of Form students. The graduation project of Łucja Zięciak, a School of Form graduate.
Project: Self-PORTRAItS | Designer: Łucja Zięciak

Graduation project


A film presenting the profiles of sixteen students from the School of Form, who answer three questions that are important to their generation in terms of ambition, skills and the future.

The artist has created a film about the people who have been her companions throughout her four years of study, with whom she has had meaningful conversations, walked alongside, collaborated on design projects, or simply crossed paths in the hallways. All of them are now on the threshold of adulthood. As they gain their independence, they face the challenges of a modern capitalist world in which it is becoming harder and harder to breathe. They must learn to live in a reality where no one is interested in their potential unless it promises spectacular financial success.

The film presents profiles of 16 students from the School of Form who answer three important questions about their young generation: about ambition, skills, and what the future holds for them. The interviewees' answers, while not identical, sound surprisingly similar. It is people, their way of thinking, their perception of the world and their evaluation of reality that are the most important source of inspiration for the artist.


Łucja Zięciak

Specialization: Domestic Design
Graduation year: 2022

Graduation Show ½(7+8)

Part of collection „Graduation Show ½(7+8)”.

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