Collector of Fun

  • Designer: Maciej Karpe
  • Project advisors: Arkadiusz Szwed, Anita Basińska
  • Materials: worn sports shoes, items found in garbage, factory waste, no longer needed everyday items
Graduation 1/2 (7+8)
Project:  Collector of Fun | Designer: Maciej Karpe
Project: Collector of Fun | Designer: Maciej Karpe

Graduation project

Collector of Fun

A collection of six art objects that were once the author's favorite sports shoes. This unique collection was born out of the current trend of transforming everyday objects into valuable collectibles.

The rise in popularity of streetwear culture and the phenomenon of product hyping have led to the creation of various cults around everyday household objects. As a result, we are witnessing a phenomenon in which collectability is intertwined with the fetishization of these objects. The transformation of their function from utilitarian to collectible leads to an increase in demand and raises the question of whether an everyday object can be transformed into a work of art.

In his project, the artist reflects deeply on this topic, exploring it from the perspective of art theory and current trends, as well as from personal experience. The "Collector of Fun" project is a space where the boundaries between art and design merge, opening up new perspectives on the possibilities and techniques of prototyping. Everyday objects undergo a metamorphosis, transforming their original functions and becoming elements of innovative creations.

The result of this work is a unique collection of six shoes that represent the author's personal memories and perfectly illustrate the creative approach of reusing various materials in the design process. Each pair of sports shoes on display is uniquely combined with unwanted everyday objects or elements found in factory waste and rubbish.

The author presents an entirely new perspective on prototyping by redefining and combining elements of streetwear culture and everyday objects. Acting as an explorer, the artist creates surprising connections between seemingly unrelated parts. Through this process, the work comments on and develops the idea of creating collectibles from everyday objects, opening up new horizons for creative transformation.


Maciej Karpe

Specialization: Domestic Design
Graduation year: 2022

Graduation Show ½(7+8)

Part of collection „Graduation Show ½(7+8)”.

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