• Designer: Semen Kozulin
  • Project advisors: Anita Basińska, Jolanta Starzak
  • Materials: Laser-cut five-layer cardboard
Graduation 1/2 (7+8)
A home stool and a cat house in one. The graduation project of Semen Kozulin, a graduate of the School of Form
Project: STILL KIT | Designer: Semen Kozulin

Graduation project


Stool-house, a lightweight and portable solution that serves as both a stool and a cat house.

Designed as part of an artist's diploma project, it facilitates communication between cats and their human companions. The cat-safe space allows pets to rest while providing a functional stool for humans, making it perfect for small spaces. Constructed from environmentally friendly, thick, five-layer cardboard, it combines durability, portability, and recyclability.


Semen Kozulin

Specialization: Domestic Design
Graduation year: 2022

Graduation Show ½(7+8)

Part of collection „Graduation Show ½(7+8)”.

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