Screenprinting and Drawing Studio

Here, students can master the technique of screenprinting, also known as serigraphy, and learn design that takes into account the advantages and limitations of this technique. Through projects carried out in the studio, they also gain a fundamental understanding of working with color and refine their knowledge of composition. Screenprinting is applied to print on paper, wood, and fabric, providing broad possibilities for utilizing this technique in projects for both specialties.

A view of the wooden tables in the screenprinting studio
Screenprinting and Drawing Studio, School of Form


What equipment is available?

In our 100 square meter Screenprinting Studio, you will find all the essential materials and equipment for the complete screenprinting process. Students can utilize multiple workstations capable of accommodating prints up to B1 size. They can coat screens with photosensitive emulsion, expose matrices using the exposure unit, print graphics, and, finally, wash the screens in a special washing unit. The studio is further equipped with a shelf dryer, facilitating the efficient drying of numerous works within a compact space.

Learning Opportunities

What can you learn here?

Our Screenprinting Studio is an ideal space for exploring paints and printing techniques, where your projects come to life. You will learn the entire screenprinting process: coating the screen with emulsion, exposing it to light, printing, and cleaning the screen from layers of paint. You will be able to truly explore the art of multicolor printing, experimenting with paint mixing to achieve your desired shades. There is a wide range of pigments to choose from, including fluorescent paints, allowing you to create limitless color palettes.


Marta Kwiatek

Head of the Screen Printing and Drawing Studio, illustrator, artist, designer of children's books, graphic designer



Estera Mrówka

Assistant in the Screen Printing and Drawing Studio, she explores the artistic possibilities of utilizing drawing in illustration, workshop graphics, ceramics, and sculpture