Sewing Workshop

Our Sewing Workshop is a place where fashion projects take shape; time is measured in centimeters, and the day goes by to the rhythm of stitching sounds made by the sewing machines. Here, students learn the art and craft of sewing, including traditional and modern sewing techniques, weaving, embroidery, garment construction, and spatial thinking. They also acquire knowledge about different types of fabrics and fabric dyeing techniques. As time progresses, terms like 'topstitching,' 'tacking/basting,' 'trimming,' 'overlocking,' and other sewing terms cease to sound foreign, and students adeptly apply these skills to create unique garments and accessories.

Interior of a sewing workshop, view of a large table and mannequins, sewing machines in the background
Sewing Workshop, School of Form


What equipment is available?

Our Sewing Workshop is a vibrant 130-square-meter space furnished with top-notch sewing equipment. Students enjoy access to industrial-grade sewing machines, including a heavy-duty model for large and multi-layered projects like furniture covers, a cover stitch machine, overlocks for sewing stretch fabrics and decorative hem stitching, a leather sewing machine, an industrial-grade Zig Zag sewing machine, as well as a professional fabric pasting machine. Additionally, the workshop is equipped with two steam irons and vacuum ironing tables.
This inspiring workshop serves as more than just a learning environment; it's a creative hub often used as the backstage for university fashion shows. Here, students delve into the intricacies of fashion design, engage in discussions with teachers, and share and refine their creative ideas.

Learning Opportunities

What can you learn here?

In our Sewing Workshop, students acquire a comprehensive set of skills, including haute couture design and sewing, appliqué, embroidery, decorative stitching, tacking/basting, topstitching, smocking, and numerous other sewing techniques. Furthermore, they learn garment construction and the differences between various types of fabrics and yarns. The experience extends to experimenting with styling and creating innovative patterns.


Dorota Bąkowska

Head of the sewing workshop, a master tailor