Photo Video Studio

Our Photo Video Studio is a professionally equipped workshop where, depending on the subject or project, students can practice various skills such as photography, lighting, cinematography, set design, and directing. This is a place where students can experiment with framing, learn how to use light, test different compositions, and discover their new talents.

The interior of a photography studio. Cameras on tripods and flashes.
Photo Video Studio | Photo by School of form


What equipment is available?

Students work and learn using the latest Canon, Sony, Manfrotto, Fomei, and Quantuum equipment. To create the right ambiance and mood for their photos, they use professional studio softboxes, flashlights, spotlights, filters, and backgrounds. To capture perfectly sharp photos, they employ tripods of different types and heights. Additionally, they have access to shadowless tables, shutter-release buttons, and light meters. The studio is accessible to students free of charge, not only during classes but also after teaching hours.

Learning Opportunities

What can you learn here?

At our Photo Video Studio, students become familiar with professional equipment and learn to create compelling images using light. Students explore various forms of commercial photography, including product and fashion photography. Additionally, they delve into the fundamentals of cinematography, gaining proficiency in using cameras for both photography and filming. Hands-on experience is provided in sound recording, postproduction, as well as film and photo editing. Regardless of the specialization chosen as a major, students actively engage in the photo-video studio to complete documentation of their projects.


Dominik Cudny

Head of the photo-video studio, a professional photographer by choice, a psychologist by education