Ceramics Studio

Our Ceramics Studio boasts excellent equipment and is fully equipped for projects predominantly focused on porcelain — the most refined ceramic material. During our classes, students craft unique objects based on their original designs, delving into every stage of the porcelain product creation process. They acquire skills in modeling, molding, slip casting, and glazing. The studio welcomes students from all specializations, with instructors providing dedicated support for the realization of each project.

The interior of a Ceramics Studio. On a metal shelf are clay bowls, vases, figurines. Next to the bookcase is a kiln for firing clay.
Ceramics Studio, School of Form


What equipment is available?

The studio is divided into several zones. In the first one, we prepare plaster molds; in the second, we cast porcelain molds and prepare them for firing; and in the third, we glaze. The studio is equipped with essential elements for a ceramics studio, including modeling wheels, a porcelain mixer, a casting table, four kilns, a 3D clay printer, a roller, and various other tools.
The studio is equipped with essential tools for working with ceramics, including a pottery wheel, extruder, roller, glazing chamber, clay recycling mixer, and a casting table. Unconventional tools and devices, such as a washing machine, meat and bone cutter, latex gloves, colanders, spatulas, twigs, knives, and pipettes, are also available to facilitate work. The Ceramics Studio serves as a diverse repository of materials, dyes, and chemical reagents, enabling experimentation with the color and texture of objects.

Learning Opportunities

What can you learn here?

Ceramics is a powerful design tool that aids students in developing creativity, spatial intelligence, and enhancing manual skills. Beyond that, it proves invaluable for prototyping and replicating products.
Throughout the learning journey, students master the intricate process of working with porcelain, covering modeling, crafting plaster forms, casting, glazing, and firing. Gaining familiarity with the techniques and schematics of ceramics, they are well-equipped to adapt and tailor these processes to their unique projects in the future


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