Published: 10 June 2023


Author: Magdalena Szczuka

Events and exhibitions

Students of Communication Design have created a manual for better social communication! From today, the Świętokrzyska metro station will be illuminated with graphics and animations created by young designers from the School of Form.

Kolorowe grafiki wyświetlone na dużych ekranach LED na stacji metra Świętokrzyska
School of Form Students Project in collaboration with Warexpo | photo by School of Form

Students project

The project titled “Screens that talk & see” was created in cooperation with WAREXPO and with the substantial support of our lecturers Iza Rutkowska and Kris Lukomski. The project team explored the possibilities of a new form of communication using LED screens in urban space. In today's abundance of commercial content, what can provoke interaction and dialogue with advertising media, and what does it depend on? These are the questions that the designers of the project tried to answer. The result of the research, space exploration and workshops was a manual that collects information about the most effective form of communication in urban spaces.

The exhibition is displayed on LEDspace screens at the Świętokrzyska metro station in Warsaw from June 10th to 13th and June 17th to 20th.

The Project Team

Communication Design students:

  • Julia Fohs,
  • Anton Komar,
  • Pola Małaczewska,
  • Katarzyna Modzelewska,
  • Veronika Nikiforova,
  • Kateryna Skyba.

About the project partner

Warexpo S.A.

Warexpo sp. z o.o. is the owner and administrator of a network of modern and traditional advertising columns. In total, they offer 609 advertising spaces in 281 locations. The latest project is the DOOH network located on Krakowskie Przedmieście - one of the most famous and prestigious streets in Warsaw, as well as on Chmielna Street and in the underground passage between the first and second metro lines.

These strategic locations ensure excellent visibility for their campaigns, and the new design with additional backlighting gives the displayed content an aesthetic and elegant form. Warexpo reaches 7 million recipients through its advertising efforts by leveraging the potential of advertising pillars in Warsaw and eight other major cities. The content is prominently displayed not only on advertising columns, but also in public transport and many other places. The company's offer includes comprehensive services such as planning, implementation and coordination of advertising campaigns, including non-standard activities.

Substantive support

Iza Rutkowska

Designer, founder of the Forms and Shapes Foundation and Zoochitecture Studio, lecturer at the School of Form.

zing in projects centered around space and its users, she has exhibited her work globally. Together with children she created a playground in Madrid in the form of a 120 meter long snake and for the last 5 years she has been designing changes and transformations of backyards in Wroclaw. Her expertise extends to the design of interactive objects and working with specific communities for the sustainable transformation of their spaces.

She is dedicated to educational initiatives, involving interdisciplinary groups of students in ongoing field activities. The aim of this approach is to enable them to carry out independent projects, drawing on the practical experience gained while participating in these activities.

Kris Łukomski

Communication designer, researcher and curator of artistic events and unusual interdisciplinary projects

A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Kris Łukomski is a curator of art and new media exhibitions, a designer of publications in the field of culture and art, and an author and co-creator of numerous interdisciplinary art events in Poland and abroad. Additionally, he is a creator of video art and music videos. For eight years, he has been actively involved in developing cultural cooperation between Poland and Indonesia, including work at the National Gallery in Jakarta. He is also a member of one of the local artist collectives, JaF. Kris Łukomski has worked in various countries, including France, Germany, the USA, China, Denmark, Canada, the Czech Republic, and many others.

Kris Łukomski is also interested in interdisciplinary and performative experiences in contemporary art and social design, as well as community-based artistic practices. In his educational practice he uses travel as a tool of art and creates collaborative projects with artists, designers and activists. One of his organized collective practices, titled ART (OF) JOURNEY, was an official part of the Triennale program in Kathmandu in 2017.