Published: 8 September 2023

On Processes, Materials and Generations – Oskar Zieta's Exhibition

Events and exhibitions

Last year, as part of the celebrations of the 800th anniversary of Zielona Góra and the 700th anniversary of the granting of municipal rights, the "GENERATIONS" exhibition was held at the Lubuskie Region Museum (Muzeum Ziemi Lubuskiej) and the Art Exhibition Bureau (BWA). The exhibition summarized all of the previous achievements of Oskar Zięta, Ph.D., a member of the Institute of Design at SWPS University and the Faculty of Design in Warsaw, where he shares his knowledge and experience with students at the School of Form. In the series of works presented at the exhibition, the artist explores the relationships between different eras and generations, as well as the processes occurring in the realms of art and design.

Eight mirrored steel panels displayed on the wall of the Museum of the Lubuskie Region
TAFLE | Photo: Weronika Trojanowska

Return to the roots

Return to the roots

The "GENERATIONS" exhibition served as a comprehensive overview of Oskar Zieta's previous projects and as an inspiration for new design challenges dedicated to Zielona Góra. The celebration of each anniversary is an occasion to reflect on a progressively fading era. We live in a time when technological progress and automation of artistic and production processes are shaping new directions. Oskar Zieta anticipates these changes by creating incredibly complex and multidimensional projects. “GENERATIONS” stands as an expansive narrative delving into the processes of art, design, and generations. It is a story intertwined with a deep fascination with materials, an unwavering commitment to refinement, and a shared responsibility for a better tomorrow.

The exhibition stood out not only because of the displayed sculptures, but also due to its unique location. Zielona Góra holds a special place in Oskar Zieta's heart, being his hometown and the birthplace of his fascination with metal and its intricate processes. During his childhood, this curiosity led him to the workshop of his grandfather, an experienced blacksmith. There, the artist was able to observe and learn the techniques of metal processing. The exhibition also featured a prototype of a sculpture dedicated to Zielona Góra, which was officially unveiled in Park Tysiąclecia (Millennium Park) in September 2023.

Generations of Art

"Generations of Art" is a tribute to the work of Marian Szpakowski, an avant-garde artist whose relief decorates the facade of the building of the Art Exhibition Bureau (BWA).

Oskar Zieta transformed this relief into a three-dimensional object of eight metal mirrors called TAFLA, paying homage to Szpakowski and his fascination with geometry. Last year, eight 1:2 scale mirrored steel TAFLAs were added to the permanent collection of the Lubuskie Region Museum. The final form of the urban sculpture "GENERATIONS" consists of 9 elements.

Remarkable projects

Zięta's remarkable projects, including NAWA, KRAKEN, AORTA, and MERCURY, which have garnered global recognition, are also featured in the exhibition, establishing an intergenerational connection within the realm of art.

Take a Virtual Tour of the "GENERACJE" Exhibition

The original forms created by Szpakowski served as a starting point for further exploration of their potential. Oskar Zieta's project demonstrates how generative programming can be valuable in art and architecture, proving that trust in human-controlled machines leads to multidimensional collaboration and maximized potential. "Generations" is a manifesto of ongoing technological and process development, the freedom of algorithms, materials, and humanity. It symbolizes interdisciplinary collaboration that culminates in human creativity and decision-making about the final form. It is an appreciation of the aesthetic and meaningful value of countless concepts. And finally, it offers a glimpse into the new generation of design.

This part of the exhibition took place in the BWA Gallery in Zielona Góra. Its theme revolved around the functional potential of generative design. It presented utilitarian objects such as chairs, tables, mirrors or spatial forms of various sizes, which combine functionality with an exploration of the potential of the material from which they were created.

These intriguing object-sculptures are the result of extensive research into the properties of metal. Their subtle deformations result from the artist's signature technique of forming steel by internal pressure (FiDU). This unique method, discovered by the artist during his studies in Switzerland, resulted in an iconic design object - the "Polski Ludowy Obiekt Pompowany Powietrzem" (PLOPP), as well as the ULTRALEGGERA project, the world's lightest aluminum chair.

The projects that were displayed in the Lubuskie Region Museum and the BWA Gallery have been exhibited in various places, including the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, and the MoMA in New York. They have also received awards such as the Red Dot Award, Product Design 2021, and the MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award.

Intergenerational harmony

This year's exhibition can be visited from September 8 to October 15 at the Lubuskie Region Museum. It will focus on the process of finding a stable form of urban sculpture through generative design. It is yet another part of the story of generations, technology and dreams fulfilled.

Oskar Zieta shares his knowledge and talent not only with visitors to his numerous exhibitions, but also with students at the School of Form, where he lectures on product design and open design.

Oskar Zięta

Designer, architect

One of the most famous and the most recognized Polish designers in the world. Winner of numerous awards, among others Audi-Mentorpreis by A & W (2011), the Red Dot Award (2008), DMY for the manufacturing process innovation (2008), YDMI (2008), ‘Good Design’ (2009). the German Design Council Award (2009), Schweizer Design Preis (2008) and Materialica (2009). His works are exhibited in Badisches Landmuseum collection in Karlsruhe, the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich, the Pinakothek in Munich and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. He is the owner of Zieta Prozessdesign planning and design company.