Environmentally Conscious Digital Design

  • Designer: Mateusz Gonerko
  • Project advisors: Filip Zagórski, Henryk Zagórski
Graduation 1/2 (7+8)
Photo of a smartphone lying on the grass. The graduation project of Mateusz Gonerko, a graduate of the School of Form.
Project: Environmentally Conscious Digital Design | Designer: Mateusz Gonerko

Graduation project

Environmentally Conscious Digital Design

A new, more eco-friendly interface in dark mode, consuming less energy and thus reducing the carbon footprint.

It is surprising how rarely we think about how the Internet works. The network has blended so deeply into our daily lives that we have almost stopped noticing it. It is quite difficult to notice the energy expended in using a box overflowing with emails. If everything works, why bother thinking about it?

Unfortunately, the infrastructure that drives the global network is not what we imagine. The digital cloud is not just an abstract concept, it is server rooms, Internet service cables underground, and aerial ones. These places consume incredible amounts of energy every day. Their carbon footprint, is equal to the sum of carbon dioxide emissions caused by air traffic each year.

Recently, more and more talk about the phenomenon of "flight shaming" and sustainable forms of transport, while it turns out that you do not even have to get on a plane to contribute to environmental pollution.

This project is an economical form of dark mode interface. Such a solution is dedicated to the textile collaboration Stussy&Tekla, among many other brands. Sustainability in the e-commerce industry is reflected in the reduction of photos and videos in favor of typography and subtle animations that make the interface more vibrant. The outcome of these ideas is not just a digital product, but more importantly a design manifesto - Planet Centric Design.


Mateusz Gonerko

Specialization: Communication Design
Graduation year: 2022

Graduation Show ½(7+8)

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