Zuzanna Skalska
Zuzanna Skalska

Founding Partner, 360Inspiration. Co-founder FutureS Thinking Group


Zuzanna's core expertise areas include Up-Front Innovation and Strategic FutureS Thinking.

Zuzanna Skalska began her career in 1998 as a Sensorial Trend Analyst at Philips Design, contributing for years to international visionary design projects with Signals of Change analyses. Subsequently, for almost 15 years, she was involved in Design Management & Trends consultancy at a leading Dutch design studio. Since 2014, she has served as a founding partner of 360Inspiration, working with clients from various industries, including many blue-chip companies and market leaders. Zuzanna's core expertise areas include Up-Front Innovation and Strategic Future Thinking. Her research and consulting activities focus on analyzing cross-fertilization between various crucial industries. She collaborates closely with top executives on strategic future development and with R&D and in-house creative teams on specific projects. Zuzanna Skalska inspires leaders and decision-makers to shift their perspective on long-term vision by cross-fertilizing concepts, ideas, and solutions from diverse industries.

With almost 25 years of experience, Zuzanna skillfully translates her knowledge into actionable innovative programs, using her own self-developed methods and tools. Simultaneously, she has been involved in various international design education programs, numerous innovation events, and advisory boards. She has been a keynote speaker at many recognized business conferences and economic summits.

In addition, her professional and public activities have often been recognized not only by prestigious world design awards (IF Design Awards, Red Dot Awards, etc.) but also by prestigious titles in recent years. These include being recognized as one of the 50 most influential women in the Eindhoven region, one of the strongest expats contributing to economic growth in Eindhoven, or one of the best professional speakers in Poland.

Born in Warsaw, Poland, Zuzanna has been living in the Netherlands since 1992.