Sara Boś
Sara Boś

Head of the KUKA workshop and Numerical machines workshop, designer, graduate of the School of Form and the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw

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Sara is a designer, specializing in parametric design and digital processes in manufacturing. Before focusing on her current career, she tried many things, including gymnastics, ballet and playing double bass. Finally, she chose industrial robots and industrial design.

Sara graduated from School of Form with a diploma in Industrial Design. She has gained professional experience at Oskar Zięta studio. Her designs were exhibited at Dutch Design Week, Łodź Design Festival, and Gdynia Design Days. At School of Form she holds the position of the Head of the Robotics and Digital Workshop, and she teaches classes in the Industrial Design program. Together with her students, she researches unconventional methods of robotic production, and searches for a symbiotic relationship between industrial manufacturing and handicraft.

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