School of Form

School of Form

In the academic year 2016/2017 School of Form offers studies in English at two faculties: product design and visual communication design. The entire course of studies lasts 3.5 years. The first year of studies is unified for all students – you will become familiar with the specifics of the course, understand the difference between the faculties, get to know your abilities and consciously choose your specialty. Moreover, you will learn the history of European culture and key concepts in humanities as well as social sciences.

In the second year, you are going to choose one of two faculties. At the same time, you will continue to participate together with all students in classes on social sciences and humanities. All classes, including lectures on theory, are taught as interactive public workshops.

There is also PREP SCHOOL OF FORM available. It is a one year course, the goal of which is to prepare candidates for bachelor degree studies in English, in School of Form, who are uncertain of their language skills. Aside from an intensive course in English, the participants of PREP SCHOOL will take part in classes devoted to drawing and culture, which will take the form of open lectures, presentations and discussions. As part of the classes, film presentations and trips to galleries and museums will be organised. Classes in drawing are also open for the students of the School of Form. This way, the participants of PREP SCHOOL will gain the opportunity to meet the group before starting the proper design studies.

All PREP SCHOOL classes will take place in the main building of the School of Form, Monday through Thursday, thus allowing students to go on tourist trips or work during the rest of the week. The participants of PREP SCHOOL will have their own mentor, who will be in charge of administrative duties and will provide help in everyday situations.


School of Form is situated in the Pavilion no 1 of Poznan International Fair, Glogowska 18 street. It was built in 1947-1948 according to the project of two architects: Stanisław Kirkin and i Lucjan Ballenstaedt.

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Students of School of Form come from many different countries from all over the world, including China, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Ukraine, France, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Libia and many others.

"This is a life lesson of being more open to anything and everything" - says Zhyldyz from Kyrgyzstan

"I was looking for a modern university that has a lot of freedom in terms of developing your own project" - Artyom, Belarus.

"It's a double win for me - I can develop Chinese culture and at this same time I get a really cool job" - says Shen from China

 "Don't be afraid - here you will find new level of your development and new experience of your life" - Irina, Ukraine

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Part of University of Social Sciences and Humanities

School of Form is a part of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Szkoła Wyższa Psychologii Społecznej - SWPS). That means School of Form graduates receive a bachelor's degree and a SWPS diploma in Design, issued by the branch department in Poznan.
The University is a prestigious research unity, ranked highly by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (2013). Its strong position is emphasised by high scores in various rankings. It was named the best non-public social and humanistic studies university in the 2014 edition of the annual "Perspektywy" ranking - the most important ranking for Polish universities.

What is unique about SWPS:

  • 18 years of experience,
  • 15,000 students,
  • campuses in five cities: Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Katowice and Sopot,
  • excellent academic staff: 75 Professors, 59 Habilitated Doctors, 183 Doctors,
  • 9 bachelor and Master degree majors, 100 postgraduate studies majors, 3 PhD studies majors,
  • accredited to award 5 PhD degrees and 3 habilitations, over 870 comments by our experts in the media each month.


School of Form is committed to working with the business. Thanks to our business partners, our students can participate in inspiring international projects already during the first year of study. During the second year students are given the opportunity to take training and internship in one of the companies, organizations and institutions cooperating with the school. This way they learn how to work in a professional design team, test their skills and discover the potential path of further development.

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