School of Form

School of Form

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School of Form cooperates with the SOFA Room 4 You - students accomodation provider with the excelent location and comfortably equipped single and double rooms.  


20 minutes walk distance from School of Form 

Trams: 10

The dormitory located on Plac Asnyka 4 has been renovated at the end of 2013. It consists of 17 modern units with 117 places for students. Every unit creates a comfortable space with rooms, a kitchen and one or two bathrooms. There is also a loundry room in the basement free of charge for students. The building is situated next to Rynek Jezycki which is a climitic market with stalls full of fresh vegetables and fruits. In 10 minutes walk distance there is a main transport hub - Most Teatralny.

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15 minutes walk distance from School of Form 

Trams: 1, 4, 5, 8, 7, 11, 14, 18

The builing on Klaudyny Potockiej Street is a renovated dormitory perfectly adjusted to accomodate students. It consists of nine modern flats that can host up to 80 persons. Every flat has a comfortable space with a corridor, a kitchen and a bathroom. There is a Fun Zone with fitness located in the basement.

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10 minutes walk distance from School of Form

Trams: 5, 8, 11, 14

The dormitory is located in Łazarz district. It has been renovated in 2013 and can host up to 120 persons. The building is divided into 16 fully equipped flats. The advantage of the place is its location - nest to Rynek Łazarski - big market square with climatic stalls where you can buy almost everything at reasonable prices - from fresh fruits and veggies to antiquities.

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10 minutes walk distance from School of Form 

Trams: 5, 8, 11, 14

Sofa Siemiradzkiego can host up to 21 persons. The flats have been divided into spacious units with big fully furnished rooms. 

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8 minutes walk distance from School of Form

Trams: 5, 8, 11, 14

This dormitory is situated in Łazarz distric and can host up to 140 students in 16 flats. There are different kind of flats - from big typical student flats to smaller more intimate apartments. There is a Fun Zone with a small gym available.

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The SOFA ROOM 4 YOU offers high standard rooms in very reasonable prices. For instance 1-bedroom flat costs approx. 500-700 PLN / month and 2-bedroom flat costs 400-500 PLN / month, For School of Form students there is a 10% discount available when renting for at least 1 academic year (9 months) and the excemption from the reservation fee.

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