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School of Form

Norbert LeśniewskiPhilosophy

He is an assistant professor in the Department of Theory and Philosophy of Communication at the Institute of Philosophy of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. He teaches there, among others, hermeneutics, rhetoric, history of German, English and modern philosophy. He deals with issues of understanding and interpretation, experience, philosophy of Kant, Hegel, Heidegger. He is the author of "The radical hermeneutics" (1998), "Hermeneutic context of source of knowledge" (2010); he is the editor of "Heidegger contexts" (2007), co-editor (with J. Rolewski) of "Kant and Metaphysics" (2010), (together with E, Nowak-Juchacz) "Die Zeit Heideggers" (2002), (with A. Przyłębskim) "Studies in Hermeneutics" (1995). He presents problems of phenomenology of perception, hermeneutics of expression, the dialectic of experience, philosophical perspectivism and aesthetics of life.


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