School of Form

School of Form

Sebastian KrzywakDrawing

Studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań as well as in the Institute of Art in Zielona Góra. He received a BZ WBK Bank scholarship and was a winner at Salted Candy in 2009. He is mainly involved in painting and drawing. He was a curator of “Sztuka w Przerwie” (2007-2008) and also co-founder of “madeinpoznan” (2008-2010). He has exhibited his work in, amongst others, Galeria Nowa, Starter and ON in Poznań, Galeria Leto in Warsaw, Galeria PWW in Zielona Góra, BWA in Leszno, Wieża Ciśnień in Konin, BWA in Bielsko-Biała, Wozownia in Toruń and Kulturbrauerei in Berlin as well as many non-institutional public spaces. He took part in Robert Kuśmirowski’s “No Budget 5%” in Lublin. He currently cooperates with Galeria Nowa in Poznań.


Design teachers

Viktoriya Grabowska

Typograhy Type and graphic designer, freelanc

Wiesław Bartkowski

Head of Creative Coding, postgraduate s

Zbigniew Tenerowicz

Software engineer, web technology enthusiast

Monika Rak

Experimental fabric Doctor of Visual Arts and

Maciej Mach

Graphics + responsive, website and user int

Bianka Rolando

Lecturer of communication design PhD in art,

Michał Piasecki

Industrial design lecturer Michal Piasecki is

Filip Zagórski

Communication design lecturer Co-founder of t

Bartosz Grześkowiak

Head of Photo-video workshop Graphic designer

Szymon Filoda

A designer, craftsman and entrepreneur. In 20

Arkadiusz Szwed

Head of the ceramics workshop A designer, cer

Wawrzyniec Walczak

Design methods An industrial designer. He dev

Paweł Szulczyński

Robotics Industrial design lecturer. He

Maciej Siuda

Mechanics and construction In 2008, he gradua

Igor Morski

Illustration, project organisation A graphic

Cezary Hładki

Photography In 1998, he graduated Painting, G

Kamil Jerzykowski

Materials, structure, new technologies in media

Paweł Prewencki

Communication design lecturer An animator and

Przemek Jaworski

Industrial design lecturer A designer and hac

Anna Lorens

Public space design She is an architect and g

Wojciech Dziedzic

Head and lecturer of the Faculty of Fashion De

Jola Starzak

Public space design, construction Architect a

Edgar Bąk

Editorial graphic design Avoids literality, a

Krzysztof Łukomski

New media, instalations A graduate of the Aca

Olga Milczyńska

Ceramic Graduated from The Danish Design Scho

Dorota Kabała

Design, structure, product and packaging design&

Krzysztof Kubasek

Lecturer of industrial design Industrial desi

Sebastian Krzywak

Drawing Studied painting at the Academy of Fi

Oskar Zięta

Lecturer of industrial design Architect, grad

Paulina Matusiak

Lecturer of communication design Graphic desi

Paweł Grobelny

Object in a public space Designer and curator

Katarzyna Schmidt-Przewoźna

Fabrics and exhibitions designer She graduate

Karol Murlak

Lecturer of domestic design  A designer

Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka

Art Director at School of Form The curator of