School of Form

School of Form

Szymon Filoda

A designer, craftsman and entrepreneur.

In 2008 he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Poznań’s Academy of Fine Arts. His thesis project was the LIMBE armchair intended for mass production. He created the prototype with the help of the company ABC Formy Siedzenia. He already had a deep grounding in the arts when he began his studies and had great experience in joinery, modelling, wood technology and the conservation of antique furniture thanks to his schooling at the Technical School of Wood Technology as well as the Craftwork College. He established the Modelarstwo Odlewcznicze Sz. Filoda workshop in 2000 which cooperates with Man, Solaris, Schattdecor and Profim. He founded Squid Design Studio, which won “Academic Enterprise Leader” in 2009, awarded by the Mayor of Poznań, the chairman of Poznań International Fair, the head of Poznań county council and the head of the economic group of Wielkopolska provincial authorities. In 2010 he took part in the exhibition in the National Gallery in Prague, which was the largest ever exhibition of Polish design in the Czech Republic.

He is the head of the Metalwork, Carpentry and Prototyping Workshops at School of Form.


Design teachers

Viktoriya Grabowska

Typograhy Type and graphic designer, freelancer

Zbigniew Tenerowicz

Software engineer, web technology enthusiast

Monika Rak

Experimental fabric Doctor of Visual Arts and a

Krzysztof Goliński

Multimedia artist, interactive installations desig

Maciej Mach

Graphics + responsive, website and user inter

Bianka Rolando

Lecturer of communication design PhD in art, ar

Michał Piasecki

Industrial design lecturer Michal Piasecki is a

Filip Zagórski

Communication design lecturer Co-founder of the

Rene Wawrzkiewicz

Corporate identity A designer, researcher, orga

Bartosz Grześkowiak

Head of Photo-video workshop Graphic designer.

Szymon Filoda

A designer, craftsman and entrepreneur. In 2008

Arkadiusz Szwed

Head of the ceramics workshop A designer, ceram

Wawrzyniec Walczak

Design methods An industrial designer. He devel

Paweł Szulczyński

Robotics Industrial design lecturer. He te

Maciej Siuda

Mechanics and construction In 2008, he graduate

Igor Morski

Illustration, project organisation A graphic ar

Cezary Hładki

Photography In 1998, he graduated Painting, Gra

Kamil Jerzykowski

Materials, structure, new technologies in media an

Paweł Prewencki

Communication design lecturer An animator and g

Przemek Jaworski

Industrial design lecturer A designer and hacke

Anna Lorens

Public space design She is an architect and gra

Wojciech Dziedzic

Head and lecturer of the Faculty of Fashion Desi

Jola Starzak

Public space design, construction Architect and

Edgar Bąk

Editorial graphic design Avoids literality, ane

Krzysztof Łukomski

New media, instalations A graduate of the Acade

Olga Milczyńska

Ceramic Graduated from The Danish Design School

Dorota Kabała

Design, structure, product and packaging design&nb

Krzysztof Kubasek

Lecturer of industrial design Industrial design

Sebastian Krzywak

Drawing Studied painting at the Academy of Fine

Oskar Zięta

Lecturer of industrial design Architect, gradua

Bartosz Mucha

Graphic artist, 2 and 3D designer Lecturer at the

Monika Górska

Storytelling, visual narrative Graduated i

Paulina Matusiak

Lecturer of communication design Graphic design

Paweł Grobelny

Object in a public space Designer and curator o

Karol Murlak

Lecturer of domestic design  A designer an

Katarzyna Schmidt-Przewoźna

Fabrics and exhibitions designer She graduated

Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka

Art Director at School of Form The curator of n