School of Form

School of Form

Working with young aspiring designers is an perfect solution for companies looking for creative problem solvers, innovative concepts, new products, services or art. It is also an opportunity to get a fresh new, often surprising perspective on your business.
We are looking forward to cooperating with companies on mutual projects, as well as organising student practices and internships.

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LPP shares experiences with future fashion designers
Our "Biała Koszula" and "Mała Czarna" series of meetings are organised as part of a project supervised by the LPP clothing company and School of Form. 2nd year students from the Fashion Design faculty take part in workshops conducted by RESERVED designers and are actively involved in all stages of product development. Three earlier editions saw students design their own white shirts, while this year's edition culminated with designing a collection of little black dresses. This undertaking is a unique opportunity for future fashion designers, who can confront their theoretical knowledge with market realities and experience working for a global clothing brand. Educational projects led by LPP in cooperation with artistic universities are organised as part of the company's social responsibility programme. One of its goals is to educate young Polish designers and to provide the best students with opportunities for professional development.

Marta Chlewicka, LPP

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Schattdecor works with School of Form
Schattdecor, manufacturer of printed decorative papers and finish foils, works closely with School of Form to familiarise students with a broad choice of materials used in furniture manufacturing, providing an opportunity to experience complete design processes. Through projects organised with companies, such as Schattdecor, the students learn to work within dependencies and boundaries, test their abilities while working in interdisciplinary teams with experienced specialists, as well as confront their expectations with the so-called real world. As part of our educational classes, organised since 2012, the students are tasked at the end of the semester with designing digital patterns for decorative papers. To be able to face the challenge, the students are to analyse the subject in detail, learn what the target group is, research the market and design patters according to the criteria provided. A total of 100 students took part in the project, under the guidance of Claudia Kuechen, Chief of Design at Schattdecor AG.
This year's cooperation was expanded to cover designing multi-dimensional constructions using the company's latest product – the EVO Smartfoil. An installation created by the students and realised by Schattdecor will present its possibilities and characteristics – optical and haptic effects of the new product. As a rule, the exhibitions are to make use of the tensegrity system. In this sort of construction, all stretched and pressed elements stabilise each other. Using this system, one can create intriguing three-dimensional forms, characterised by visual lightness and surprising elasticity.

Danuta Pawlik, Schattdecor

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Technological support for future designers from ZORTRAX
Zortrax provides professional and reliable 3D printing solutions, which are used mainly in engineering and prototyping. Since educational facilities are beginning to use our products as well, we were happy to support Poznań's School of Form. We firmly believe that working with 3D printers allows the students to approach designing in a different manner and help them in their future professional careers.

Karolina Bołądź, COO Zortrax

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Our cooperation with ALCHEMIQ STUDIO
Alchemiq Studio is a post-production graphic arts company from Poznań. It specialises in creating computer graphics, 3D animations and special effects for advertisements, movies and art exhibitions. Artistic and commercial projects are performed for big brands and small endeavours. SoF students take part in our animation classes and internships. We find the open-mindedness, curiosity and maturity of the students pleasantly surprising. The tasks they agree to take on and the information we share with them are creatively interpreted and developed, with mutual benefit.

Łukasz Świerczyński, co-founder

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