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Krzysztof Kubasek W3U4606
Industrial Design is the search for systemic and technological solutions for the modern world. It acts at the point, where many disciplines intertwine, and takes into consideration not only the human condition, but also the environment. Today, a designer is not merely an engineer or an aesthete, but rather a member of a multidisciplinary team, able to select tools and processes to meet project needs.


Krzysztof Kubasek
Head of Industrial Design faculty


What is industrial DESIGN

Industrial Design students work with practitioners representing many disciplines. It is here that social robotics meets bionics, product design is supported by ergonomics, and material structures are created with the use of parametric algorithms. Each stage of the process is conducted under the guidance of a team of excellent designers, who teach how to merge technological perfection with humanist reflection and plastic sensitivity. Among Industrial Design lecturers, are Oskar Zięta, Dorota Kabała, Maciej Siuda and Michał Piasecki.
Through cooperation with various companies and corporations, our students gain unique opportunities to confront their abilities and ideas with the realities of the market and the design industry in general. Among our partners are technological giants, such as Skoda, Egger and Schattdecor. We also work with Allegro, Tołpa and Ikea.
The Industrial Design faculty is open to the brave, the curious and the laborious — people who are fascinated with technology, digital tools and new materials; who use their knowledge and experiences from various disciplines to redefine the surrounding reality and create its better version.


What do we teach?

The material and structure
Product design
Computer-aided design

Humanistic sciences: sociology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy
Basics of mechanics and construction
Parametric design

Materials and Technologies
Solid Works
Open design
Engineering and construction


Dorota Kabała

Design, structure, product and packaging design&nb

Kamil Jerzykowski

Materials, structure, new technologies in media an

Szymon Filoda

A designer, craftsman and entrepreneur. In 2008

Wawrzyniec Walczak

Design methods An industrial designer. He devel

Paweł Szulczyński

Robotics Industrial design lecturer. He te

Oskar Zięta

Lecturer of industrial design Architect, gradua

Maciej Siuda

Mechanics and construction In 2008, he graduate

Michał Piasecki

Industrial design lecturer Michal Piasecki is a 

Sebastian Krzywak

Drawing Studied painting at the Academy of Fine

Bartosz Grześkowiak

Head of Photo-video workshop Graphic designer.

monika rosińska

Monika Rosińska A sociologist and design research

Anita Basińska

Head of the Design Department Sociology and soc

Ewa Klekot

An art anthropologist and translator. She studi

Zuzanna Skalska

School's co-founder, trendwatcher Born in Wa

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