School of Form

School of Form

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What will I learn?

VISUAL Communication Design

Communication is about the exchange of information. The power of communicated information depends on selection of an appropriate medium. When both the recipient and the sender communicate in the same language which is understood by both parties, communication becomes efficient. Today, a communication designer faces new challenges. In any given design situation he or she must decide what would be the most suitable form of communication. To make the correct choice, the designer must understand the recipient of the message.

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Communication Design


Product design deals with the everyday: the ordinary accessories and rituals. With how people sleep, eat, entertain themselves, and relax. Each of these activities takes place in a specific spatial, social, and lifestyle context. Our needs and preferences change depending on our circumstances. We eat meals differently with the family and when among friends, which is different again from the way we do it among our superiors or people we don’t know. Each of these situations has its attributes: tableware, furniture, colours, space etc.

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Domestic Design


School of Form is committed to working with the business. Thanks to our business partners, our students can participate in inspiring international projects already during the first year of study. During the second year students are given the opportunity to take training and internship in one of the companies, organizations and institutions cooperating with the school. This way they learn how to work in a professional design team, test their skills and discover the potential path of further development.

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